Voot Mod APK v5.7.2 (Premium Unlocked) update 2023


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april,17, 2028
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Voot Mod Apk is nothing less than a boon because it gives you a way to almost all entertaining shows of prevailing TV channels in a comfortable and systematic manner. Besides these TV shows, you can also get access to many refined short clips, which could engender marvelous feelings of exhilaration.

Voot Mod APK

voi mod apk latest version

Believe it or not, but life of this epoch has become much more busy and hectic. Everyone is busy and confined to his/her own zone. Mostly, people remain unaware of the news and they cannot get time to watch TV for watching entertaining shows. In this way, their lives are becoming even more dull and dreary without entertainment, they find life colorless. However, that is not the case any longer, because developers took this issue into account and created a masterpiece: Voot Mod Apk.

Through this application, you can watch all prominent TV shows in your phone. Likewise, you can also get your time relished by listening to soothing music. Furthermore, if you do not want to be oblivious to the current affairs of the world, then you can also go through the news shows and headlines. To put everything in a nutshell, we may say that, Voot Mod Apk Latest Version is meant for everyone, who want to gain insight into news and entertainment.

Features of Voot Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

In this astonishingly designed application, you can have the following prominent features:

Colors TV:

Even if you try to, you cannot ignore ‘Colors TV’ because it is one of those channels, which carved their mark in the topmost list of channels. The shows, which are displayed here, stand on the next level. A case in point is Bigg Boss, which has recently completed its 14th season. If you want to squeeze the charming and scintillating shows of this channel, then Voot Mod Apk Color TV is meant for you.


If you are a music lover, then you cannot remain oblivious to MTV, which has been a genuine sensation of music for years. MTV perhaps is the best music award-giving agency and a channel for music. It is the first channel in the world, that was specifically designed for music. The shows on this channel are of next level and you can get access to all shows of this winsome channel.


Someone well said, “A year without a news channel will take you to the Neolithic era.” It means, if we are unable to listen to the news, we will no longer be able to grasp, what is going around us. But watching the news is a time-taking process and modern men do not want to spend their time in such activities. However, Voot App is going to keep you updated with news without consuming time, as it runs this news in your phone, which can be used anywhere, regardless of the time.

Original Series:

The Cinema industry has abruptly changed nowadays as people prefer original series rather than scripted ones. Mostly, movies shooting takes place under pressure of governments and sensor boards. But this pressure devours the decorum of a film. To tackle this issue, original series (which do not need any license from the government officials) are prevailing. Voot Mod Application has a great collection of its original series, such as ASUR, which engender a great deal of thrillingly amazing experience.

International Shows:

The world has turned into the global village, so no country is alien to the other. It has the entertainment industry of the globe. Therefore, international shows (web series, news shows, informative shows) gained much more momentum these days than ever. That is why, you can also find international shows in this application too.

Regional Shows:

Every region has its own customs and values. People of that region love their rituals. Therefore, various shows are made on regional niches, but these shows are not aired, because they are typically bankrupted. Such shows, which do not have enough funds or rejected by TV channels, can be seen.

Anytime, Anywhere:

The gigantic problem these days, is of time. No one has got time for extra activities like TV watching. But, this application allows you to watch shows at any time. Besides, location does not matter where you can watch shows anywhere. Whether you are on lunch break or in bed, just click on the app and bingo!

Numerous Languages:

Language is not just a medium of transfer, instead, it is a part of customs and cultures. It gives everyone, a sense of exhilaration and selfless love. Therefore, watching any TV show in our own language gives a lot more excitement than in other languages. Luckily, Voot has a giant conflation of languages.

Before 24 Hours:

There is a friend in every friend circle, who cracks the story of any show and gives spoilers, demolishing the fun. There is a special privilege, that is given to the users of Voot Mod Apk Download, by which they can have legit access to the shows, a day before they are released. So, you can know the story, even before your friends get to know.

Tips to Use Voot Mod Apk Without Ads

  • Before buying the subscription, one should get through Voot Mod Apk Free Trial, by which you can have excellent exordium of the application.
  • If you are not aware of the ever-changing conditions of the entertainment industry, then you must listen to the news of entertainment industry.
  • Instead of seeking for interesting shows, you should engage yourself in the suggestive list of shows by Voot App, because it sifts good shows according to your personality.
  • Your first few shows are going to be your personality’s representative. It means, these shows are saved in the mind of artificial intelligence.
  • In order to get the flawless experience of the application, you must grant all kinds of permissions to the application like storage, camera etc.

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Facts About Voot Mod Apk

  • Voot uses the ‘Viacom 18 Network’ which is one of the exemplary networks.
  • You can find those shows here, which, even have not been released on any platform.
  • Voot Apk has particularly been designed for Indian audience, but, still it is loved by various international communities.
  • You can have a preliminary experience of the content with a free trial (which can be cancelled at anytime).
  • ASUR is the top-notch series of Voot Apk Free which has received a great deal of praise throughout the globe.

Voot Premium Unlocked

One thing needs to be cleared, that this Apk file, is the premium version of the application. Premium is basically, a set of features, which have some remarkably magnificent advantages. For example, in a simple version of the application, advertisements interrupt the smooth flowing of shows and they devour the charm of the application. Whereas, Voot Mod Apk Premium Unlocked has terminated all the worries about advertising content. Besides advertisements, there are uncountable features, which are meant to privilege the user’s experience.


Voot Mod Apk is a compacted or mini TV into your pocket. It means this application gives you the experience of real TV shows, music, news, trending clips etc. By mere buying its subscription. You can binge-watch countless shows like news, regional, international and original series. It offers multiple languages, which take it to perfection. Withal, this is Voot Mod Apk Premium Unlocked, which is prioritized to the simple version.

General FAQs

What exactly is the job of this application?

Voot Apk is a phenomenal application, that covers a large area of the entertainment industry. It means you can get access to many TV shows on your android device.

Why should I install the Mod version of the application, when there is a simple version available?

Well, the answer to this question is simple: if you want to spice up your experience, then you must give a go to the modified version of the application because it has a lot more exciting features.

What is the procedure to get access to the content in this application?

It is quite simple, just simply download the application. It can be downloaded free of cost. Then pay a certain amount of money to get the subscription. After that, a whole universe of unlimited entertainment will be unleashed.

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How to install Voot Mod APK v5.7.2 (Premium Unlocked) update 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Voot Mod APK v5.7.2 (Premium Unlocked) update 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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