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Vidmate Apk Download Android is an extremely useful application, where you can binge-watch web series and listen to the bottommost news. Besides news, enchanting TV shows and the latest songs can also listen to. Surprisingly, all this stuff cannot just be simply watched, but also downloaded in enormously high-resolution quality.

Vidmate Apk Download Android

vidmate audio video download old version

There are two types of applications: complementary and essential. Complementary applications are those if one installs such applications, that provide a little advantage and their absence does not affect the performance of the device. Whereas, essential applications are those, without which, a device is incomplete and one must download such applications. As far as Vidmate Apk for Android is concerned, it falls in the latter category. Even if we try, we cannot ignore the fact, that world has changed remarkably. Any remote island, which once used to be a remote territory, now has become part of this global village.

Now world shares common ends and nothing is alien to anyone, any longer. A case in point is that, if a person is a movie-lover, then he will not be restricted to the specific territory or industry of the movies. He would go for Hollywood, Bollywood, and several other film industries to extract the best among the best. So is the case with news, songs, sports and TV shows. Hence, it was required to cover this international kind of content under the flag of a single platform and that platform has been engendered in the form of Vidmate Apk. Here, you can stream videos to your fill – until you want to leave.

Besides streaming, downloading which is quick, simple and high-quality which helps this app to stand out of the crowd. With Vidmate HD Downloader, you can avail yourself of videos of whopping quality up to 8k and 4k. Besides, videos, there is a bevy of options for audio download. Apart from audio/video, there are numerous advantages of this application, which make Vidmate a must-have application.

App Information

Name Vidmate Apk
Publisher Vidmate Studio
Size 25M
Category Video Downloader/Player
Version v5.0621
Price Free
Special Feature Premium Unlocked
Get it on Google Play Store

Features of Vidmate Audio Downloader

Out of hundreds of features of this Video Downloading Application, the following few are salient ones:

Sky-high Horizon:

Now, you might be wondering; that how vast is the horizon of this application? Or how many websites does Vidmate Apk covers? Surprisingly, there is no answer to such queries, as it has no limitations at all. The horizon of it covers each and every web address. There are 200 websites, which are available in the app but it does not mean you will not be able to get access to other websites besides these 200 websites. You can gain access to those sites too. All you need is to copy the link of that site and paste in this app.

Ultra High-resolution:

The downloadable content is jaw-dropping, as the quality of the resolution is of next-level. Unlike other downloading applications, Vidmate do not give its users a lollipop by showing a shortlist of resolutions. Rather, videos’ resolution ranges from the simplest 3gp quality to the lucid 4k quality. It means you can open up a mini cinema in your house by downloading and playing that many levels of videos.

vidmate app download

Sumptuous Universal Compatibility:

If an application smoothly runs in one device, there are high odds of crashing the same application in another device. It happens, because of incompatibility, as applications are designed for specific users and devices only. But that is not the case any longer, because this application runs equally in all the devices, irrespective of their specifications. Moreover, whether you install Vidmate App.

vidmate download apk

Simple and Artless:

There is no need to comply with the basic formalities, about which most of applications ask. Vidmate Apk Download Android Free provides you simple and quick method to get your objective done without exaggerated fuss. Whichever video is supposed to be downloaded, a tiny arrow would appear somewhere on the screen and by clicking on that arrow, one will be able to download that desired video. Hence, no significant knowledge about this stuff is required even a kid from kindergarten can use this application.

vidmate apk download install

Expeditious Response:

One of the most important and the rarest point in audio and video downloading applications is expeditiousness or responsiveness. If a person want to download something, he will have to go through a lot of points and steps to download that content. In this way, the decorum of user experience is devoured by this ultimate delay. Nevertheless, just click on the content (video, image, audio etcetera) and for the magic.

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How to Use Vidmate Apk Download?

  • Provide all the basic permissions to the application, before using it. It will reduce odds of errors
  • Go to the settings of your device and enable ’Unknown Sources’ to make the performance batter
  • Always prioritize the ‘Featured Content’ in the app which is the best form of content, selected by the application itself. In this way, you can save time and get the best content at your disposal.
  • In order to reduce the number of notifications or obliterate all the notifications in the first place, you will have to enter into the settings of the app and disable an option named Push Notifications’
  • If you want to play downloaded videos with your local media player (such as MX player etcetera) then you will have to enter into the settings of the app and allow an option naming Other Player

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Facts About Vidmate Video Downloader:

  • Vidmate can also be installed on PC without any additional software. Just by mere installing Vidmate.
  • This application cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store, as it has been removed for a number of reasons. So Kingmod is the sole spot to Download Vidmate Original Version for Android.
  • It has been built by a Chinese corporation, where the renowned name, Alibaba is a partner
  • It is the only application, which has garnered audiences from across the world, despite having been removed from Google Play Store

Vidmate Premium APK

It is evident that, Vidmate is a perfect application and one must have this app in one’s mobile. But, there is a premium version of this application too, which is only accessible to some privileged users who pay certain amount of money. However, you just do not need to worry about it, as if you are installing this application from our site, then you will be getting this premium unlocked. There are no advertising contents to sabotage or delay user experience. Furthermore, one will not be asked to pay for anything. The safety and security level is even more enhanced.


Vidmate Apk Download Android is a perfect application, that every device must-have. As its horizon of coverage is too vast, one can witness the content of the entire world. Its quick responsiveness saves time and gets everything downloaded in less than no time. As it is staunchly compatible to all the devices, so any kind of error is an out-of-the-box question. You can select the resolution of your choice from a long list of resolutions ranging from 3gp to 4k quality. In this premium apk file, there are some additional features too.


Why has this application is removed from Google Play Store?

Well, there are two tangible reasons behind this: first, it was prejudged without verification; second, it gave Google, a tough time by providing even better services than Google’s platforms like YouTube etc.

Is this online video downloading application safe or are there some threats?

Vidmate Apk Latest Version is safe from malware and viruses. It is not only just safe but also protects the device from menacing files through its special security feature. Its safety can be averred by its huge download count, which is ever-increasing.

There are hundreds of Vidmate Apk out there on internet, which one is original?

Indeed, there is a bevy of allotropes of this application on the internet. Still, Vidmate Apk Original Version can easily be distinguished by certifying the publisher — Vidmate Studios takes pride while claiming it as its masterpiece.

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How to install Vidmate Apk Download Android v5.0621 update 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Vidmate Apk Download Android v5.0621 update 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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