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Six Guns Apk is a third-person action and adventure shooting game. Although Six Guns Apk is an offline game, yet it occupies all the advanced features, which can usually be availed in online games. This shooting, survival game is divided into many missions, which (at the end of the day) give a complete concrete story. Having quite positive ratings and reviews, this game is genuinely a masterpiece by Gameloft. Just dive into the ocean of tremendous entertainment in an open world, where supernatural characters and adventurous journey, collectively create fun.

Six Guns Apk MOD

download six guns mod apk unlimited money and stars

The plot of the story is amazing, where initially a movie or short clip is played, in which a cowboy is lying partially numbed over a dune in the sweltering heat of Arizona (US state). He was told to proceed to the West, in order to get access to resources; so he does it, and despite being vulnerable, he goes to the West. There he finds a girl, overpowered by two bandits. The cowboy saves the girl and in return gets a gun and a horse. From this game, the real action and adventure are going to be unleashed. Because the spontaneously played clip ends here and the cowboy falls into your command.

Now, with simple, yet effective controls, you will have to move to the Wild West and complete various missions (which are nothing less than 40), and side quests are also engenderer of reward and entertainment. Besides, a plethora of mini-games are the boons for the gamer, because these games provide different genres (shooting, racing etc.) under the flag of same title, which is Six-Guns Apk: The Gang Showdown.

Features of Six-Guns Apk

There are uncountable features in Six Guns Apk, but the following few are the most prominent features:

Supernatural Adventure:

The internet is replete with so-called adventurous games, but none of them has real adventure. Still, there are some games, which offer adventure up to an extent. But Six-Guns Apk has broken all the stereotypes by presenting supernatural stories in an adventurous manner. There are many characters in the game, which are not human beings, by nature it turns the gameplay quite supernatural too. Indeed, this super-naturalism with adventure is the best thing, you would find.

Dealings and Tricks:

The game is all about survival, and your survivability can be burgeoned, only in a condition, when you are good at dealings. Sometimes, you will have to deal fairly and at times, cunningly. Moreover, you will have to trick some people too, just trick others and do not get tricked. Only a proper strategy and planning can save you from real catastrophe. So if you want to succeed, you have to act accordingly.


No matter, how nicely designed a game is, people, get bored with the same gameplay again and again. A little diversion can literally change the fun of game and spice-up things. This diversion has magnificently been built in Six Guns Apk android, by begetting a jaw-dropping conflation of diverse mini-games. So, whenever you are stuck or tied to a certain point in the game — or your mind is not working properly, then you must go through these mini-games, which not only give you a way to proceed in the game but also burgeon your focus to the main storyline.

Supernatural Survival:

You might have seen survival in a sweltering desert, chilling ice, arduous forests or in the cities, full of bandits. But, it can be averred that you have not seen survival in a supernatural environment. Generally, supernatural environments are used in RPGs, but in survival shooting games, they are very rare. Nevertheless, if you want to get this novel experience of supernatural survival, then Six-Guns Apk latest is meant for you.

Wild Races:

Basically, the entire game is a race, where you hustle for your survival. From the very beginning to the ultimate end, you have to move and move. This movement of yours, is the sole harbinger of your success in the game. Besides, this continuously running race, there exist many special races too. These races are the practical races of horses. As a custom, as well as a source of rewards, these races in the wild west, serve greatly. A zealous environment can be witnessed in the Wild West during these races.

Six-guns Multiplayer Modes:

Even if we try to, we cannot imagine living a life lonely, because we all are subjected to this Greek philosophy, “Man is a social animal.” Therefore, with friends or dear ones, we can make longest journey short. For this purpose, some multiplayer modes can also be discovered in this legendary game, where ‘The Gang Showdown’ is very inimitable. In this mode of Six Guns Apk, you can invite your friends to the game and make a team of more or less than 4 players. This team, then collectively discloses the mysteries of this adventurous voyage.

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How to Play Six-Guns APK?

  • Although Elixirs are very expensive, yet they are worthy of procurement, as they are very crucial in the gameplay, specifically in duels.
  • Each outfit has different capacity or skill. So choose them accordingly and which vary situation to situation.
  • Do not curb your movement in any condition, continuously moving will burgeon your chances of survival.
  • Try to accomplish side missions or mini-games because the reward, which is given after their completion, matters the most.
  • You must visit game’s store to get privilege from it, as there appear many jaw-dropping offers.

Six Guns MOD Components:

Weapons Horses Costumes
Rusty Grim Stallion Common
Lawmaker Revolver  Spanish Mustang Mexican
Sniper Rifle Appaloosa Outlaw
Lee-Navy Bolt Action Azteca Horse Business
The Fire Equalizer Florida Cracker Gunner
Golden Flak Cannon American Warmblood Duelist
Man Mower Black Steam Horse Hunter
Doom Bringers Harbinger Witch Hunter
Gatling Annihilator Plague Horse Sheriff
Witch Impaler Quarter Horse Machinist
Mayhem Gauntlet Maniac Mustang p Rogue

Six Guns Apk Download For Android

Nowadays, downloading anything is not so difficult any longer. However, being oblivious of a few basic steps could end you up, downloading the wrong game. Therefore, you must follow these steps below to download the game properly without any concern:

  • Visit our website and click on the search bar, where write the name of this file
  • When the Apk file appears, simply click on it and initiate downloading
  • After you are done with this downloading, go to the folder (typically Download folder) where you located the file
  • Just click on to the file and start installing and it after that, icon of the application will appear on your screen
  • Hurrah! Everything is done and it is time to relish yourself with the application

(Note: You must permit application before initiating installation and should enable Unknown Sources from the settings of your device)

Facts about Six-Guns Apk:

  • Initially, Six-Guns was designed for iPhones only, which was released back then in 2011.
  • Later it was made for android and windows in 2012 and 2013 respectively
  • The story of the game takes place in the Wild West which is situated in Arizona state of USA
  • Wild West was named for its lawlessness and sky-high crime rates which is the defining characteristic
  • Besides the fictional stories, this game also gives an insight into the cultural values and folkloric aspect of American history

OBB Gang Showdown:

There is a specific feature in this game, by which you will get an OBB file of a new multiplayer mode. This is nothing to be worried about, as it is just a remote file, that is incorporated into the real game to flourish the gameplay. It means, it is a packet, that encompasses even more graceful and elegant features and details about the game. Six-Guns Apk: Gang Showdown OBB free download, is nothing less than a boon for the gamers


Six-Guns Apk is a somewhat peculiar shooting game, where survival is the ultimate goal within a supernatural environment. You have to make deals, but do not have to be tricked. Moreover, you can also relish yourself with eye-catching graphics and echoing sounds. Mini-games are also responsible for delivering the ultimate amusement. Multiplayer modes and wild races further spice up the gameplay. To put everything in a nutshell, we may say that, it is a must-try game, which deserves your time and space.

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How to install Six-Guns APK 2.9.17a(MOD, Unlimited Money) Free download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Six-Guns APK 2.9.17a(MOD, Unlimited Money) Free download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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