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Intensive car racing game for Android with lots of fun! A real voxel and blocky car racing are waiting for you!
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Among hundreds of games, racing games have their own peculiar values and Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk holds even more significant value, because of its traditional, yet graceful graphics. In this game, first you have to earn money, build a garage and then you have to descend on the racing track. Earn a lot of astonishing rewards by winning these races in multiple modes.

Pixel Car Racer Mod APK

Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk 2023 {Unlocked All Cars}

In this hectic routine of technology, who has time for playing games? Because, it takes much effort to play a game, as different steps are supposed to be followed. But, what would happen, if we all get a game, that just gets initiated, soon after installation? Of course, that would be a chimera and this has been made real by the development of Pixel Car Racers Apk which is teeming with artistically designed items. You have to establish a garage of yourself and then you can collect different cars (50+) by taking part in uncountable car racing. By the end of a race, if you win, you will be awarded with significant rewards. These rewards (money generally) will be utilized for the procurement of new cars and their parts. The parts of the cars has a huge significance, as these are numerous in numbers and all of these parts follow up the scientific rules. It means, the addition of these parts in the cars, would bring a change in the performance according to physics.

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Features of Pixel Car Racer MOD Apk

Following are some of the features of this epic arcade racing game:

Realistic Physics:

Typically, games are not concerned with science or physics, as developers do not pay heed to this aspect of any project. Therefore, such games are disliked by sophisticated gamers. Each and every move is based on physics and science. For example, if you suddenly puts brakes, then a great visual depiction of the physics will be visible. Besides it, in all other applications of a car, physical laws will be applied.

Enjoy Numerous Modes:

There are various modes which are entirely different from each other. You can avail ‘Drag Racing’ where a great deal of action will he unleashed. Besides in ‘Street Racingyou can quickly begin the race. Furthermore, ‘Cruise Mode’ brings even more action in the gameplay.

Smoke Your Opponents:

You can take a car and set a new record of speed on the track. When you have set up a record, then you can break it by yourself. But doing this, again and again, seems boring, a little bit. However, you do not have to worry about it, as opponents too are willing to demolish your car (in Capture the flag mode) and make you lose the competition. Therefore, you will have to make endeavors to defeat and smoke your enemies. This, will indeed spice up the game and raise your spirits.

Numerous Spare Parts:

Have you ever seen an opened engine of a car? Behind the graceful and elegant looks of any vehicle, there lie hundreds of parts or units, that keep the stability of the car. But these parts of the cars are not shown in the majority of the games. Nevertheless, breaking all the stereotypes, a sterling conflation of the spare parts has been added to the game, which can be availed easily. There are more than one thousand parts of the cars.

Create Your Own Car:

All a racer wants is to build his own car according to his needs. Because no one can understand the needs and requirements of a racer unless we take part in race ourselves. Taking this point into account, developers of this game have allowed a gamer to design his car, by himself with unlimited customization. In this way, you will have limitless options for the selection of a car and then for its betterment.

Countless Cars:

No matter, how scintillating and superb a car is, after some time, it gets normal. After a while, people find things boring and no charm can be found in old things. So what can be done to avoid this situation? Of course, diversification is the sole solution to this problem. Greater the variety, the better! Therefore, in Pixel Car Racer, there is neither one nor ten, but more than fifty cars, which are downright different from each other in every aspect.

Easy, Yet Amazing Controls:

Those controls of any game, are deemed to be good, which are user-friendly and easy to use. But the case has been found contrary in many games, which make those games unsuitable. However, in Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk New Version these controls are quite intuitive and realistic. Just simply touch on the screen and get your desired consequences. These controls were somewhat difficult in old version, but the mistakes and errors of that version have been rectified in this version of the game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk

  • Be judicious while using nitrous oxide (speed booster) as it is given once in drag racing while using it more frequently in common racing, as it is given limitlessly.
  • Engine swapping is a phenomenal opportunity, so use it according to need. If you have a slow-paced car, then change it, otherwise, let it be.
  • Capture the flag (CTF) modes are perhaps the best modes and you can only win it by consistent swift pace as you have to cling to a flag for the maximum time duration.
  • The developers of Pixel Car Racer have allowed everyone to make unlimited customizations. However, default settings are the best in their own. Therefore, you should not mess up those settings
  • Grab the pace in the early phases of the race if you start lately, then you will end lately too. So be agile and active, even from the beginning of the race

Pixel Car Racer MOD Supercar Unlocked

Cars Models
HondaCivic Type-R
JaguarF-Type R (2016)
MazdaMazda RX-8
Porsche911 Turbo
MitsubishiLancer Evolution
NissanSkyline G35
Alfa RomeoGiulia

Facts About Pixel Car Racer Unblocked

The game has been developed with pixel art, which is very popular form, prepared by 16-bit graphics. Kesly Hayes aka Akomplice and Calob Hayes aka ShibuiGhost boast of their wonderful accomplishment of the development of this game. There are more than 50 cars in Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk, and over 1000 parts can be added to these cars by customisation. This racing game has the elements of a RPG, which are extremely rare (as RPGs are usually battle games, not racing).

What is Pixel Car Racer Story Mode?

Although this game is perfect, yet there were some flaws in this game. Those flaws have been rectified in the modified version of the game, which has many advantages. Here, you will find the same gameplay, but with some extraordinary additional features. These features are briefly described below:

Money is the common form of currency, which is used to procure different items from the in-game stores. Therefore, money has huge importance and demand. That’s why you are going to get money in unlimited quantities.

Advertisements devour the charm and decorum of games, by rendering a disruption in the game. But that is not the case with Pixel Car Racer, which gives you smooth lurking gameplay without advertising content.

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game and getting these diamonds is almost unattainable. However, if you install Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds, then you will not have to worry about it, as they are unlimited here.

Although, there are many cars in the games, yet they are not available for beginners. Certain conditions are supposed to be fulfilled to get access to these cars. However, in this modified version of the game, you will get these cars unlocked at the first place.


Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk is a jaw-dropping racing game, which offers you a racing experience with splendid features. Complying with realistic Physics, you can have access to numerous cars. You can smoke your foes in different modes with different characteristics. Moreover, designing the car has been made easy with over a thousand spare parts. Make your day with the intuitive controls of Pixel Car Racers. Furthermore, the installation of this apk file will burgeon the entertainment, as this is the modified version of the game.


What are the requirements of an android device for this game?

There are no requirements at all. You can play this game even on android 4.0 and low RAM. It runs smoothly on almost all devices. These universal games give a chance to play and enjoy to everyone, regardless of the device specs.

Is there any version of this game for PC?

Well, as far as official version of the game is concerned, it is particularly meant for android. However, you can still play it on PC by installing an android emulator. There are hundreds of emulators out there, but Bluestacks is arguably the best one.

By which publisher, has this game been published and marketed?

‘Studio Furukawa’ published this game and it takes pride while claiming Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk Supercars as its best performing publishing.

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3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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