GTA Vice City 100 MB Download For Android

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City is a single player open world game, which is established in an imaginary city, inspired by Miami. Since the game is divided into several missions, so the completion of  these missions will assist you grab the idea of what’s going on and will help you to survive. Even after ending the game, one can still rock in this city, because this combination of action and adventure is meant to help you be the greatest gangster of the city.

Storyline of GTA Vice City 100 MB Download For Android

There are very few games, which took the gaming world by storm. Grand Theft Auto, which was released in 1997, is one of them. The story of the game takes place in the year of 1986, when Tommy Vercetti emancipates from the prison. At that time, gangs were running openly. Tommy, who fails to establish a treaty with Sunny, is left miserable in a nail-biting virtual city, which is nothing less than an oasis. Therefore Tommy makes up his mind to get everything back, which was confiscated earlier. That is why, he starts killings, some for money and other for revenge. In no time, he becomes the greatest gangster, Vice City has ever witnessed. Every gang trembles at the very first sight of him and he owns the city. Since it’s an open-world game, so one can perform a lot of stunning activities, besides the main plot.

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Features of GTA vice city mod apk unlimited money and health download

Here are some features of this game:

Only 100 MB?

What if someone tells you that an entire lake can be encapsulated in a glass of water? Indeed it is an unbelievable and unachievable act, but if it comes true, it will be nothing less than a miracle. So is the case with GTA Vice City Apk. The actual size of this game for smartphones is 1.5 GB, which further expands after installation. Surprisingly, here from this website, you are going to download it only under 100 MB.

Auxiliary USB and Wireless Controls

Indeed playing games in smartphones is somewhat irritating and arduous owing to controls. But this difficulty can be avoided through this Apk, where you can add auxiliary controls via USB option. Now you can play with additional joysticks and keyboards. Furthermore, wireless controls add icing on the cake.

Artless Aiming and Targeting

In most of the missions, your tasks will be to utilize guns and hit the targets with precise aims. Aiming precisely in a smartphone is out of the box question, and this is the reason, a tailored aiming system is going to cheer you up.

FAQs About GTA Vice City Apk

  1. How to get unlimited money in GTA Vice City?

If you were to get money in this game in your PC, then it would have been lot easier. But in case of mobile (android/iPhone) you will need GTA Vice City Zip File Download, which is teeming with money. Extracting this file in your installed game will get you limitless money.

  1. What are the requirements for an android to run GTA VC?

There is nothing to be worried about, as all you need is an android phone of 7.0 or above operating system. Besides, approximately 1.5 GB of free space plus 128 MBs of RAM. Remember one point that all this stuff is required in your phone, not SD cards.

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