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Outlasting the tremendous onslaught of zombies and eccentric human beings, you have to survive as long as you can, in Extra Lives Mod Apk. Going through different levels to levels, you may earn a lot of rewards. In fact, your survival is itself a reward. Since zombies are extremely thirsty and their thirst can only be quenched through your blood.

Description of Extra Lives Mod Apk

extra lives apk mod download unlocked

The world has turned into a spooky land of zombies. Zombies, along with some idiosyncratic human beings, are roaming around the city. You are the only human being, who has to fight for his life. All kinds of weapons and skills will be at your disposal. However, that doesn’t matter. What matters is, how much courage do you have? If you fight with audacity, then you are definitely going to win the battle. Furthermore, Extra Lives also features a level of WWE wrestling. Where you can fight with your favourite superstars without any rule or law.

Features of Extra Lives Mod Apk VIP Unlocked

Open the game and get stumbled upon the following features:

Discover 50 Excellent Venues:

Although the zombies or eccentric human beings remain the same, yet locations change from level to level. If at one level, you’re hustling to survive over the chilling sheet of white snow, then maybe at another level, you find yourself among the dazzling sand of a desert. Extra Lives VIP Unlocked will also take you to the wrestling rings of the greatest wrestling franchise ever: WWE.

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A Consummate Combination of Characters:

In some games, zombies haunt the citizen. Whereas, in some other games, human beings become extortionists. But in this game, zombies, as well as human beings, have been portrayed simultaneously. This case is extremely rare, therefore valuable. A consummate combination of 200+ characters will be welcoming you into this ace game.

Test Your Survival Skills:

How long can you stand the invasion of zombies? Well, you don’t have to ask anyone. Just take part in any level of the game and check it out. There will be a timer at the central bottom of the screen. That timer will exactly give you an insight into the fact, that how much capacity you have to bear zombies’ attacks. If you survive for a particular period of time, you win, otherwise, lose.

A Lot of Winsome Costumes:

In games, characters are not recognized by their face or body shape. Rather, they are recognized through their costumes. It means, the more costumes, the better. Extra Lives New Version provides an almost infinite number of costumes. There are different designs for shirts, pants and other accessories. So, just change your costume and look different in that zombies’ world.

Same Button, Different Functions:

We all are well aware of the reality, that the screen, as well as controls of the mobile phone, are limited. In such tiny numbers of controls, it’s feasible to establish intuitive controls. However, do you know how Extra Lives tackle this issue? It managed buttons in such a way, that the same button performs differently. There are 2 buttons: red and blue. If you push them individually, they perform differently and if you push these buttons collectively, then an alternative action is carried out.


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