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Beyblade Burst Mod is a game that looks like Beyblade burst. It’s an online game where you can collect character cards and fight against other people using characters cards. It was released on May 19, 2017. You can download it for free at Google play store (android only). Beyblade burst app has already more than 150 000 installations and good rating.

About Beyblade Burst App

Beyblade Burst App + OBB latest version

Beyblade Burst is a new app that lets you simulate battles between different beys. You can battle against friends or other players around the world, and it’s all free to use. Beyblade burst is a new, immersive app that allows you to experience the excitement of battling and collecting your favorite beys.

What is Beyblade Burst MOD Apk?

  • Collect character cards
  • Fight against other people using characters’ cards by choosing attack for your card.
  • You can also buy gold using real money
  • When your character card reaches its max level (level 20), you can use it to another card of the same type.
  • You can get character cards for free or buy them by paying for gold or real money.

Features of Beyblade Burst App MOD Apk


There are 3 leagues – A, B, C. Beating players of the higher league will reward more gold than beating players of the lower league. In 1 league there are 25 levels and in 1 level 3 battles (you get reward only from beating your opponent). Beat all 15 battles will always give you an achievement worth 100 gold.

Characters Cards

Characters’ cards gain experience by attacking other cards. The experience that the character card has goes to its level. When character cards are at a level that corresponds with its league, you can upgrade it to the next league by paying gold (in-game currency).

Chat Room

Creating a room is done by paying 100 gold and the rest of the players need to pay 50 gold to join you.


Gold will be rewarded for winning against other players or completing achievements (small tasks like beating 5 easy bots).


These are challenges that you can unlock by leveling up character cards or by completing previous challenges. rewards are given out every 24h based on your current challenge progress.


This is place where you can buy packs with different character cards – there are different types of packs available in the shop: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond pack. Each pack contains 5 random cards, but the good thing about this shop is that you can buy cards you want with gold. The bronze pack costs 1k gold, a diamond pack cost 50k gold.

Beyblade New Collection

This is a place where all your spinning tops are stored – there are total of 3 Beyblades available (in the shop you can find a very expensive one called “Godzilla”. This one can be used to spin only when you finish all the 50 levels on the world tour.

World Tour

Where you battle using character cards from all the 50 available cards. The more cards you have, the higher chance to win against other players who also played with all their available cards. Rewards are given out every 24h based on your current world tour progress.

Game Modes

Battles                                                                        These are 1 on 1 battle where you use your cards to attack another player’s card. Your enemy card will have its ability unlocked, so choose wisely between attacks and blocks. Fighting with bots always rewards 20 gold regardless of win or lose, but fighting with other players reward 50 gold if you win and 100 gold if you lose (the amount of money rewarded also depends on league difference)


Currently, there are 3 mini-games – cycling, sumo wrestling and target shooting. Every game is played by paying coins (in-game currency). One game costs 10 coins to play, the next game costs 20 coins and the next game costs 30 coins. Rewards are given out randomly after each mini-game ends. When you finish playing 3 games, you will earn 100 gold
Tower Mode                                              This mode is similar to battles, but here there are also additional cards (tower) that appear on board. Towers can give out bonuses when you attack them with your card
Training Mode  This is the place where you can level up all your character cards. You level up the 20th card by using 1st to 20th character cards, so if you want to level up for example last card, then just use the 2nd-20th card together in this mode. You can also use gold to level up your cards, but this is not recommended because you will spend more gold than what you gain. The amount of experience gained depends on the number of character cards used together and level difference between them
Arena Mode This mode works similar to tower mode, but here there are no towers and you start this mode with maximum 3 cards (your character cards + wild card) – there are 8 levels to finish.
Ranking Mode This mode are battles against other players. This mode will be available after you reach arena rank 10.

Beyblade Burst MOD Apk Main Menu

  1. Shop (can be used both for buying gold and character cards)
  2. League (can be used both for creating and joining room)
  3. Gold (shows amount of gold currently owned)
  4. Card (shows attribute points, ability points and levels for your character cards)
  5. Achievements – clicking it will give you tasks that are worth 100 gold each time you complete them
  6. Stats (shows your current level)
  7. Friend (you can add friends so that you can create room together or just see their stats) –
  8. Settings (can be used to change game language, show/hide player name, show/hide battle text) –
  9. Exit (used to exit current menu and return to main menu)

How to install Beyblade Burst App Unlimited Money?

  1. Go to settings and enable “Unknown sources”
  2. Download the apk file for Beyblade burst
  3. Install apk and enjoy the game


The Beyblade Burst app is a free game that lets you battle your friends in real-time. You can also design your own beys, see them come to life on the screen, and watch their performance stats. So you know what works best for any given situation. This is an immersive experience with plenty of replay value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m getting an error about not having enough room to download the game, but I have plenty of room in my app storage! What’s wrong?

You need to make sure that you have enough room on your device for the game. There is about 2 GBs of data uploaded with the app.

Why does my phone need to be in portrait mode when I open the app?

To fix this, go into settings > apps > Beyblade Burst > Storage > Clear Cache or Data. This should work for most users.

Why can’t I log in?

Make sure you are entering the correct email and password. If it is still not working, try logging out of your account on the Beyblade Burst website (sign in to the website here) and then log in again with the same username and password.

Does the Beyblade Burst app store your account and progress?

If you sign in to your Beyblade Burst account on the app, it will save your account and progress on that device.

How do I earn D stream points?

AD stream points are earned when battling with other players in real life.

What can I do to earn free stuff on the app?

You can participate in battles and battles against other people.

Do I need WiFi to play?

Yes, you need Wi-Fi to play the game.

I logged in to the app, but it says my account is still locked. What do I do?

Log into Beyblade Burst website here. Click “Unlock Account” and you should be able to log in with your username and password on the website.

Why does my Beyblade Burst app say that it’s offline?

The server for this game is located in Canada so if you are not residing within Canada/North America, the game will say that it’s offline.

“Please turn your location on” showing up when trying to play? What does this mean?

You need to make sure that you have turned on the “Location” option in your device’s settings menu.

Why can’t I see certain people in my friends list?

If you’re trying to add someone who lives in a different time zone or country, it’s possible that they will not appear on your friend list until sometime later. If you still can’t find them after 24 hours, try deleting and re-installing the app.

Why does my Beyblade Burst bit-chip keep resetting to default?

Try deleting and re-installing the app. If that doesn’t work, clear the cache on your device and rebuild it by going into settings.

You either need Wi-Fi-33 or you need to make sure that your phone’s time and date is correct.

Where can I find the rules for battles?

You can view them by tapping on “Battle Rules” when you go into battle mode.

What's new

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How to install Beyblade Burst App + OBB v12.3.1 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Beyblade Burst App + OBB v12.3.1 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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